An amalgamation Anarkali and Gota Patti Work

 Mirror mirror on the wall who is that Gorgeous Anarkali woman taking a walk?

She is…Women of Bannadi!!

Well speaking of the Anarkali Suits, they were originally recognized during the Mughal era, and they were named after Anarkali, a well-known mistress of the Mughal Empire. Anarkali suits developed with floor-length and mid-length fashions over time. It has been known for its charms and beautiful pomegranate blossom. Following Gotta Patti’s work on it gives a touch of royalty and harmony to our Rajasthani culture and heritage.


    (Notes On Indian History, 2018)

Anarkali suits are always in vogue and make a statement of elegance whenever you wear them, with Bannadi, follow the trends and walk with grace.

So, let’s seize every special moment with Bannadi’s pretty and graceful Anarkali Suit sets in quite cut price! Also, enlighten yourself with the styling facts for your flare Anarkali outfit!

1.  Breezy and Bright

Are you planning to look flowery and all breezy for this season? Grab our beautiful hand-block print Anarkali suit sets with Gotta laces work, suitable for every occasion at affordable prices!

Styling tips: Pair them up with silver or oxidized jewellery and with quirky mochari… and you are all set to go!

2.  Statement Vibes

Feel superior and mark a statement with your glam look. Here are some of our statement Anarkali suit sets in the monochrome shade, flaunt them and be a Bannadi Woman!

Styling tips: Wear a piece of embellished choker jewellery with small statement earrings and your ensemble is ready.

3.  Princess in Gota Patti

When gorgeous artistry meets ethnicity, twirl in our alluring Anarkali suits weaved with Gota Patti work to give you all the feel of a Rajkumari.

Styling tips: Groove in ethnicity by wearing sparkly and winsome Chaand baaliyan and decorative bangles and feel your inner Bannadi.

In the end get all dolled up with Bannadi Jaipur, and match your aesthetics with our versatile collection!

Get the proper type of Anarkali suit as per your style! If you have an apple-shaped physique, for instance, you can wear A-line Anarkalis. If you have a straight physique, go for a modest frock-style Anarkali. Anarkali suits are ideal for special occasions like engagements, anniversaries, Mehendi, or Sangeet. 

Explore our classic Anarkali suit collection, and other fashionable party wears!

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