Hina Mathur

Hina’s fondness for the resplendent treasures of history grew as she explored the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The traditional attire donned by the women in Rajasthan struck a unique visual in her mind encouraging her to create a clothing line that honors the tradition of Rajasthan. In an attempt to sustain the craft of these artisans, Hina established the label – Bannadi. A brand where skilled craftsmen use a variety of craft styles to embrace the essence of traditional ethnic culture. With Bannadi, Hina aims to blend modern fits with native craftsmanship born in the medieval cradle of India’s cultural setting. Bannadi as the name suggests is the culmination of “banni” and “adi” significant of a beautiful maiden ready to reign.

Shubh Mathur

Shubh, a creative enthusiast, was always intrigued by culture and it is a form of creative expression and the lifeblood of a vibrant society. However given its diversity, he never thought of establishing something surrounded by it and thus continued to opt for his dream of becoming a radio jockey. Upon talking to his sister regarding her vision statement about Bannadi, her ideas blew his mind. Creating a brand that aims to empower women and make them feel their most beautiful selves by celebrating Indian traditions with a western touch was something he was keen to be a part of. Therefore, Shubh and Hina joined hands together to create Bannadi the perfect fit for every woman’s ideal occasional clothing.

About Bannadi Jaipur

Bannadi aims to transport you to a nostalgic retreat where modern-day fits and ethnic prints blend impeccably. True to its tribute to Rajasthani culture, Bannadi is the perfect stop to unravel artisan history that offers the perfect balance between cultural aesthetics and tribal prints. Adored by bohemians and craft enthusiasts, Bannadi is synonymous with the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Our logo is a fusion of traditional art and the captivity of grace that a woman holds. The detailing of the logo is formatted by Kolam, a decorative traditional form of art to depict the charm of an abstract woman. A heart-shaped motif is used to trace the ray of fascination and beauty that a woman leaves behind.