Our Materials

BannadiJaipur focuses on curating outfits with materials that are not just rich-looking, but also provide the utmost comfort to the one who wears them. Let’s look at a few facts about the materials used while curating the outfits, and why BannadiJaipur has chosen these for the same.



Cotton, admired for its exceptional properties, is a staple fiber inculcated in Bannadi’s world. Its breathability and lightness makes it the number one fabric choice for a hot and humid country like India. At Bannadi, we want our pieces to be serving yet delivering everyday purposes.


Be it sarees or ball gowns, Chiffon is a go to decorative fabric for all the designers. No wonder, it is Bannadi’s favourite too. Equally to the women connected with us, this airy and sheer fabric is beautifully delicate but marks a very strong presence.



Bringing India’s two favourites together, Chanderi fabric gets its shimmery texture from the mixture of cotton and silk. Traits of being super lightweight, glossy transparency with a sheer finish makes this fabric Bannadi’s jewel. We use Chanderi to reflect royalty through our products.

Kota Doria

Handwoven on traditional pit looms, renowned across the globe for its finest weaving craft, Kota Doria is a unique fabric originating from Kota, Rajasthan. With a blend of all the positive qualities of cotton and silk, this fabric is very important for Bannadi as it depicts & promotes our culture. We never miss a chance to throw in some sparkle of traditions in our pieces


Sculptural yet flowy, Organza is a blessed fabric that echoes elegance due to its luster and shine. With that, its refined durability makes it Bannadi’s darling. We inculcate this fabric in our clothing for our women just the way they are, shaped yet unconfined.



Silk screams luxury. Bannadi, as inspired by Rajasthani culture, our fine products reflect royalty and grace. Royalty in modernity has to be comfortable and exquisite. We under this brand aim to make every woman believe that she’s a queen.


One can never turn a blind eye to the connection between the French and fashion. We couldn’t do the same hence, this crêpe fabric, Georgette, had to be an essential part of Bannadi. We aim to make you look so good that one can never turn a blind eye to you.

Hand Embroidery

Embroidery has its history with every culture. Embroidery with hands is a gracious craft. Embellishing the cloth with colorful threads and beautiful beads, Bannadi admires this artform and empowers it through its intricate hand embroidered pieces.